Monday, May 24, 2010

New Business Gear!

I got some new things to help in promotion of my business and to ensure my name is on my items!


A Stamp:

New Business Cards:

I am almost to my 50th Etsy sale! I definitely have had over 50 sales but some have not been through Etsy so they are not recorded on there! Can't wait, it may spring a giveaway!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Giveaway from Lap of Luxury!

Follow the link to enter up to eight times for a super cute headband! I have two of them!

Baby Bumpz

Some of my onesies and tshirts are also being featured in an online boutique. Pretty exciting!

My crafty partner Julie

I'd like to introduce my friend Julie! Some of the items in my shop including some of the hair bows and tutus are made by my friend Julie. Julie is the tall blonde-bombshell pictured below accompanied by her adorable little girl Aubree, who makes a great model for some of my items (when she cooperates!) I always try to make things in Aubree's size so she can try them on and strike a pose. Julie is the first person I send pictures to after I make something new! I love her and she is a great partner in crime. I hope to get her on board with doing a craft show with me, which means we need lots of tutus made !

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer!

I had the idea in my head to make these flower girl and ring bearer shirts, but I like to make things that will be used and will not just sit in my shop. My friend Robin got married in April and I mentioned the idea to her. She loved it and here is a picture of her niece and nephew at her rehearsal dinner in their shirts. Since then I have made 2 additional sets for people. One flower girl shirt customized in purple and one in pink and yellow.