Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halfway Vacation Mode

My shop on etsy is on halfway vacation mode. Only sale items are currently available for purchase. Custom orders and specific size order will be for sale again after I become a Wifey!

Thanks for understanding!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Love This Little Man

I introduced you to my friend's son a few weeks ago before I had even met him! Well, I have met him and we have had a few dates since! He is so adorable! Even better, I get little pictures weekly of him in his Little Yellow Sew Shop gear. He is so stylish!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Here We (She) Goes Again!

One of my great customers allowed me to have a little hand in helping with announcing that she, her husband and adorable little daughter are expecting an addition to their family. A couple months ago I made a Big Sis shirt and a shirt for expecting Mommy that reads, Here We Go Again! This was a rather top secret mission because the shirts were not going to be worn until she was farther along and showing and ready to make the big announcement. I have been waiting very patiently to see some pictures and to be able to share and now I can! Congrats Allie and Family!

(Love the yellow shirt with this background!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Awkward and Awesome

Yeah, I know this one time I said "oh watch me, I am going to do an awkward and awesome post every Thursday" that didn't work out so well. So that is why I call this a "Random" Awkward and Awesome post.
-Lil' jolting earthquake today
-being nervous to be called on to give an answer in a room full of teachers, I know how those kiddos feel sometimes when they don't want to share their answer out loud
-getting replies to my wedding with no name on them, its a mystery
-accidentally writing "Brian Break" when I meant "Brain Break" when I was explaining the new afternoon schedule to my 6th graders, they correct me and we now have collectively decided to just call it a Brain Break! Oh Just one of my many spelling mistakes!
-Funny thing is as I am reading over this post before publishing it I still wrote "Brian" 3 times on the last comment! Oh my!
- New sheets that stay on the corners of the mattress
-Getting the box of Groomsmen gifts I ordered in the mail today, they are perfect and I am not telling what it is.... surprises!
- Getting wedding replies in the mail!
- My Matron of Honor and Flower Girl will be here in exactly one week
- Great Behavior Management training today by Rick Morris, teachers check him out
- 4 day weekend
- The Daybook's Awkward and Awesome, she is so funny, such a good writer and has a cute lil baby bump
-Not sure that I shared any of my engagement pictures that I got a bit ago, even if I did already they are so awesome they are worth sharing again