Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tulle Winter Wreath

My new obsession with Pinterest lead me to find these two adorable wreaths.

Apple Tulle Wreath (naptimejournal.blogspot.com)

Christmas Frame Wreath

I absolutely love both of them and I still plan to make some just like it! But for now I made a combo of the two to create this Winter Inspired Tulle Wreath

Spools of Tulle
Wood Wreath
Thread or clear fishing line

The wood wreath can vary, this one I found at the Dollar Store along with the ornaments. Makes this a very inexpensive project.

I cut strips of tulle in various sizes from 4-6 inches long. Depending on the thickness of your wreath or the diameter, will determine how long you want to cut the tulle.

All of the pieces of tulle are simply tied in a double knot around the whole wreath. I tied them on very close to one another to make it very full and tied the knots in alternating places on the wreath to make the pieces stick out in different directions.

Once the wreath was covered and nice and full I used the thread to hang to ornaments at different lengths and attached another piece of tulle to hang the wreath.

In all it took me about an hour and 15 minutes. Super easy just takes time to tie on all of the tulle!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Menu Board

I made this super easy, super cute, super handy menu board. I got the idea from somewhere, most likely a blog but I can not remember exactly where but I do not take credit!

I bought the vinyl "menu" sticker on etsy from Delight Designs for only $2,months ago and finally just bought the plate for a few bucks at Walmart, had the stand, bought some dry erase markers and Presto! It comes in super handy to write little notes to my hubby along with dinner plans of course!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mrs. Little Yellow Sew Shop

I am back in action and back as a new Mrs. I got married last week to the love of my life on the most perfect day! ( insert BIG Smiles here!)

In LYSS news, most items are back in my shop and I added a super cute snowman onesie / shirt! Still have a few sale items that would be great for the holidays!