Saturday, September 11, 2010

Join Me

Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to have recently joined Team Patrick for Step Out Against Diabetes. I would love if you would join me on October 16, 2010 at Bridgeport Park for a Step Out Against Diabetes walk or donate to Team Patrick.

This summer I worked for the City of Santa Clarita as a one-on-one aid. I was paired with Patrick, who is an 8 year-old boy that has Type 1 Diabetes. I didn't know hardly anything about the disease and after 8 weeks, where I spent sometimes 5 days a week and and several hours a day (sometimes more than 8 hours a day) with Patrick I learned a lot! I helped him check his blood sugar several times a day, program his insulin pump, count the carbs in everything he ate all while enjoying summer camp! I could not imagine having to live with this disease everyday. It is very demanding and has to be monitored 24/7.

Patrick's mom Julie sent me an email the other day about some upcoming fundraisers for Team Patrick and information on the walk. I am so excited to become a part of it and would love if you could get involved as well.

Please visit my page:
There you can sponsor me and Team Patrick by donating, just click on "Click here to sponsor me" button and/or sign up to join me for the walk on October 16th by clicking the "Click here to walk with me button." Please take a look at the Team Patrick page as well using the link on my page. I hope to surpass my goal and get some people signed up to walk with me.

Here is so more information on Patrick and a message from his mom Julie and his family:

"It has been five years since Patrick was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. He was only 3 years old. We have had a crazy last year with his diabetes management and now a new endocrinologist who has put us on a new path!
Around Patrick’s 8th birthday, he got the insulin pump! It may not seem like a big deal, but for him it was. He was able to go to summer camp and go on field trips with just a phone call to mom with any questions. The pump has enabled him to go places and eat and drink snacks other than cheese and salami. Patrick has grown so much, but the one constant in his life, is that we must always manage his diabetes, and he never gets a break from it. We work really hard to keep Patrick’s diabetes in control, and not let diabetes control him. He still has to prick himself at least 8 times a day but only has to change his insertion site every 2 days. There is still highs and lows with his blood sugar and we have only been to the ER twice this year. Thank God. He has learned to deal and live with this horrible unpredictable disease.

We do not want Patrick to have to live with diabetes forever, and our family is asking for your help. Many of you have supported us year after year with your generous contributions and we are very grateful for your love, support and donations. We will continue to reach out to our friends and family, asking for your support until a cure for diabetes is found and Patrick can live his life without diabetes. Diabetes kills more people a year than Aids and cancer!
Thank you for your support to this cause that is so important to us! Together we can make a difference. "

There will also be a fundraiser for Team Patrick at Chi Chis Pizza on Tuesday, September 28th. I have attached the flyer , which you need to print and bring in and also for you to forward on to others!

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Yellow Sew Shop...Literally

I decided a good blog gets a little more personal with their posts. So I am going to start here with sharing the Little Yellow Sew Shop. I came up with that name because I literally have a Little Yellow Sew Shop. When Dan and I moved to DA Ranch (that is what we call our house) I wanted to paint one room yellow. Yellow being a pretty bold color for paint choice so the smallest room in the house was choosen, if you can even consider it a room. I always wanted a designated area to keep all of my crafting supplies and this was the best fit. Then when I decided to make an etsy shop the name was simply perfect.

I still want to add things to my shop like a wall to hold wrapping paper. Wrapping presents is another things I love to do...It's all in the presentation!

I also need to hang this cute "sewing room" sign I got and I would love some more storage!

Sorry for the picture quality, some of these pictures were taken on my blackberry!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Calling all Jets Fans

A teacher friend of mine asked me to make her, her daughter and a friend of hers some shirts to wear to her little sons flag football games. I love custom orders, especially the kind like this one that allow me to be creative. She told me the team name was The Jets and to look up the NFL team for the team colors and that she wanted a her sons name on the back and some added bling! The rest was up to me. I modeled the letters on the front after the NFl team Jets logo along with the color. I choose to do the polka dot letters on the back to make it more girly and the star was a last minute addition cuz I felt it needed something under the name, since I didn't have a specific jersey number to add. I love the rhinestone laces of the football, and overall I am pleased. Hope my customer will be too. She asked me to give her lots of business cards and a flyer too in case other moms want to get a shirt too! Hope so!