Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fabric Flower Embellished Shirts and Onesies

New to my Etsy Shop are are Fabric Flower Embellished Tshirts and Onesies.

Various Sizes and Styles available. Flowers are removable for easy washing.

Visit my Etsy shop for details and to purchase!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Little Yellow Sew Shop has a facebook page!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

What I have Learned Over Winter Break

Sadly it is my last day (besides the weekend) of Winter Break, I did lots of fun and low key things, spend lots of time cooking and crafting too!

I also learned a few things:
*There are LOTS of random talk shows, with random hosts on Daytime TV
*Live with Kelly is awesome!
*The girls of The View can be funny sometimes but also annoying! Oh my!
*The news is just filled with lots of Bad News. That is not something I just learned but it was reiterated the last few weeks.
*I had lots of time for crafts and yummy dinners
*The more fun dinners you plan the more you end up grocery shopping, I was popping in the market for items sometimes 3 times a week, but I loved it!
* I also learned I don't know how full time teachers, while working 5 days a week, lots with their own kids, find time to review material and learn it before teaching students, especially when they are teaching a new grade level! I suppose when it is not your first year in the grade level you know what material to expect and your a little more prepared to talk about the Revolutionary War and the PH Scale! But don't get me wrong I am more than willing to put in the time and effort! :)
*I learned that Pintrest is my BFF

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Valentines Decor

I am still trying to revamp my mantle and decorate it really cute but with the holidays and now Valentines day I have had some time to think about what I will use for my everyday decor. The "G" is my newest addition that will always stay up but in the meantime I have added a few Valentine decorations.

The print in the middle, I absolutely adore. Instead of my usual subway art I choose to print this one out instead from eighteen25 This one just may have to stay up all the time!

I made this super cute 3Dish picture frame that I found on Pintrest and I love how it came out. Click here to see my pin from pintrest.

Of course because I am slightly obsessed with burlap I had to make a banner. I was just going to buy one that I saw on VeryJane but then I decided they are easy enough to make.

Lastly, I made these cute fabric hearts that are held in a mason jar as seen on pintrest here
I am going to hide a little heart, 1 each day a few days before valentines day for my Hubby, as a little reminder how much I love him!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pinterest ..... Check

These are a few of the things I have already made and done from my many pins on Pintrest!






Pintrest (Ribbon Streamer Party Decor)

Mine- Love the choice of sprakley ribbon (wish it could have been on a plain background) and I wish I would have used one color of buttons for the J


Mine- Use one of the hubby's old shirts for the pocket!

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese - Very Yummy!

Baked Apple Chips- Yummy, just takes a bit of time in the oven!

Chicken Artichoke Lasagna- Pretty good

Lemon Garlic Spaghetti- Pretty Good, Easy!

Pintrest- Purple People Eater- Vodka, Crandberry and Blue Curaco

Mine- added Sprite- it was a BIG hit!

Roasted Shrimp and Beans (I used Broccoli) So Yummy!!!

Bacon, cream cheese and jalapeno wrapped in a crescent roll- Made a small batch for Christmas appetizers, didn't get to try one but the Hubby approved!

Crockpot Chicken- Soooo Good and So Easy!

Todays Project! I will post a picture of my version once I get it up (got to wait for it to be a little closer to Valentines day) Super inexpensive and easy and boy does it look cute!

Just call me Martha Stewart! hehehe :) Just Kidding, I will stick to Amanda!

My Pintrest Obsession

Yes, like many others I am obsessed with Pintrest! These are the latest and greatest! I plan on making them, I love them and want to have them!