Monday, February 28, 2011

Creative, Custom and Crazy

Just finished up two custom orders. The 1st is for my friend Julie. Her and her fiance are currently living in England while he attends medical school (you can read about their adventures on her blog). Her best friend is having a baby and she wanted a onesie that said "My aunt in England loves me" So this is what I came up with...

Then a few days ago my friend Jodi said her soon to be 7 year-old wanted a birthday shirt. The soon to be 7 year-old girls birthday shirt request was to have a big 7, a fish and dog on her shirt and she likes the colors blue, yellow and purple. So I had to get pretty creative with this one. I used some cute black and white paw print material on the front with a yellow 7 on a bright yellow shirt and then in coordinating colors I added a fish design to the back of the shirt. I put a little matching bow on the front too,to add a girly touch! Doesn't get much more custom than this!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I want to do this!

I am redecorating, revamping my living room. I bought a new area rug, I am going to open up the space by moving some furniture and switching some things out from other rooms in the house and I want to cover a black leather ottoman (definitely would not match) that I have to make it look something like this:

Dear Lillie has a tutorial for how they made their cover here

Friday, February 25, 2011


Check out my sponsor ad at Love is Everywhere

St. Patty's Day Subway Art

They have this printable subway art, as they call it, for St. Patrick's Day, that you can simply print out HERE stick in a cute frame and use to add to St. Patty's Day decor.

I saw on their blog they had cute ones for other holidays so I can't wait to see what it next!

I put mine in a simple white frame I had at home and taped a green bow to it (taped it so I can take it off after St. Patrick's Day and change out the print to match the next holiday or my house decor. I put the frame on the entry way table for all to see when they come over!

Love, love love this idea from eighteen 25

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-one of my 1st graders walking into class saying "he totally just let the door slam in my face"
- cup of soup today costs $4.75 ! Wwwwhhhhhaaaatttttttt

-Got some new Scentsy stuff I ordered this week from Vanessa at Scentsy Smells soooo good
- Only 3 more weeks till St. Partys Day
-Went to the 99 cent store today, whom by the way are the 99.99 cent store now, and spent $20. Can't escape a place like that just "picking up a few things"
- Word is it should snow again this weekend, we got snow last weekend too!
-Booked a tupperware party with this awesome drag queen!
- The most awesome thing of today, this picture of my friends cousin, whom I made her 3rd birthday outfit. All the things I make should be worn with this much sass. I am in in love!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New St. Patty's Day Designs

2 New designs for Women and Girls

Women's T-shirt, available on a black or white t-shirt sizes, Small, Medium or Large
(The bow is adhered with a pin so it can be removed or place on a different spot on the shirt)

Purchase Here by Feb 28th to ensure shipping by March 17th:

Girls shirt available in short-sleeve green, pink or white. Style of t-shrit may vary.
Customize with your lil' ones inital. Also available on a onesie or upgrade to a long-sleeve t-shirt or onesie.

Purchase Here by Feb 28th to ensure shipping by March 17th:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beautiful Birthday Girl

Lola turned 5 last month and of course I got to make her birthday shirt. I think it will become a tradition, for as long as she will wear a birthday shirt with her age on it at least ;)

She looks soooo grown up in these pictures and is such a beauty!

Valentine shirt awesome-ness

These pictures literally made me LOL ! According to my sis-in-law my niece posed her self for these pictures and assisted her brother as well. So entertaining!

How sweet are they...

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Its actually Friday morning...whoops
- I don't have much to post, how embarrassing, I just started this whole new posting idea and I don't even have anything to say! I feel like it is kind of ok though because the blog that I got this idea from originally didn't post an awkward and awesome Thursday either yesterday...
- Along with exclamation points, I also use to many dot dot dots....


- My valentines weekend surprise last weekend, Paso Robles, a Suite, Wine Tasting, great food, need I say more
- The pictures I got yesterday from my sister-in-law of my niece and nephew wearing their valentine shirts I made them. I literally laughed out loud as I looked at each one (posted above, Lucky You!)
-4 day weekend
-home improvements

Better luck next week with my awkward and awesome-ness

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So I am going to start a weekly post called Awkward and Awesome Thursday. Pretty much on Thursday I will post about awkward and awesome things I did, heard, saw or thought of. I got the idea from this awesome, funny, fashionable is the link to her Awkward and Awesome Thursday post

Here goes...

- Awkward is the picture I tried to take at work today of my cute outfit...exactly why you will never see the picture, it was awkward
-Cooper, my dog, incessantly licking a random spot of carpet...hmmmmm
- I use too many exclamation points when I type on my blog, facebook or in texts!!!!!!

-Had lunch with my friend Casey today
-Had lunch at Urbane Cafe, so yummy
-Jordan and Amanda (my brother and sister-in-law) are flying in tomorrow, only for a brief second though<<< that part-not so awesome
-Monday is Valentines Day
-I got two more custom lil' girl t-shirt orders today, one for St. Patrick's Day and one for Easter
-I have almost hit 100 etsy sales, if only all of my orders to this date had gone through etsy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

St. Patty's Day Shirts

St. Patrick's Day shirts are back! These shirts were a hit last year not only with my girlfriends and I but lots of etsy shoppers too. I will also be adding one more design by this weekend

Woman's t-shirt available in both designs, "Lucky" and "The Bubbly Beer Mug", on white short-sleeve t-shirts, sizes S, M, and L. (Shirts are slim fitting and may be V-neck or Scoop Neck depending on availability)

Child's Lucky design in Short Sleeved T-Shirts are available in white only (shirt styles may vary)
Sizes available:

18 months onesie
24 months T-shirt
2T T-shirt
3T T-shirt
4T T-shirt
5T T-shirt

Visit my etsy shop to purchase-

Please place your order by Monday, February 28th to ensure that your order arrives in time for St. Patrick's day, March 17, 2011.


These are some of my favorite Supers....The Incredibles, one of my favorite Disney movies too

But...these 3 Ladies and a baby (<<< hehe reminds me of 3 Men and a Baby, another great movie) are pretty super as well, as I got to help in making their shirts/onesie for a super hero party, which I have shared about in previous posts. Finally some quality pictures thanks to Cindy (Super Mimi)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Super Stuff and Scooby doo

On a serious time crunch and not so great of a sewing morning yesterday I finished up some 'super' shirts. I really don't have much of anytime to do much during the week (Monday-Thursday) seeing as though I leave the house around 7am and don't get back home till about 6:30 in the evening. Don't get me wrong I like my jobs right now and I am very thankful for them, yet they don't leave me with much time for sewing or even doing stuff around the house. I often find myself at Walmart at 7am picking up a few things before work so I don't have to do it after work. Which then brings me to Friday mornings....time to sew and do all of those domestic house duties. I still had to work in the afternoon yesterday (helping out at good ole Child Care) so I really only had a couple of hours and I had to have the two super shirts done since the party was today. I bought some new bobbins for my sewing machine and they turned out to be too small. I tried to use them anyways, but it didn't work out so well, neither did running out of red thread! With some improvisation, I managed to get the shirts done and I can't wait to see pictures, which is the best part!
After making the 'Super Auntie' shirt and the onesie, more super people wanted a shirt for the super hero party of my friend Julie's nephews (which is taking place today, I've already put in a request for some pictures). The birthday boys grandma or 'Mimi' wanted a 'Super Mimi' shirt, which I made similar to the 'Super Aunite' shirt.

I couldn't let me lovely, prego friend Julie attend this super party without a super shirt too. So I made her a 'super baby' shirt with an arrow pointing to her belly. She is only about 11 weeks pregnant so there is not much of a belly to point too. She also doesn't know if it is a boy or girl yet so I was sure to make the word 'baby' in blue and pink, the rest of the shirt is pink and zebra so she matched her 'super' daughter Aubree at the party!

As promised to have pictures (high quality from my blackberry *wink*wink*) of the Scooby Doo themed birthday party outfits made for a friend's three kiddos.
When I say Scoody Doo themed it was more like tie-dye and peace sign themed. I didn't find any classic tie-dye rainbow colored material but I didnt find a blue, pink and yellow peace-sign tie-dye for the girl's shirts and a blue and peace-sign material for the lil' guys shirt. I made the girl matching tutus too! I decided to add "Peace, Love (a heart) and Birthday Cake" to the back of the shirts because I thought it would make a cute photo-op! I actually already got to see the girls try on their tutus and they fit perfect and looked so cute.

I have some more things to make today and an order to ship out too. Maybe I can even come back with some fun reports on things other than Little Yellow Sew Shop business after the weekend is over!