Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Child's T-Shirts

Childs T-shirt's are around $16.00

Child's T-shirt sizes available (unless otherwise indicated):
12 months
24 months
*Some T-shirts are available in children Small Size 6, please see specific listings for details

Cowgirl Boot Birthday T-shirt

Patchwork Flower w/Button Center T-shirt

Zebra and Pink Birthday Princess T-shirt

All Business Tie T-Shirt

1st Birthday T-Shirt

Patriotic Heart T-Shirt

Ring Bearer and Flower Girt T-Shirt Set

Blue Hawaii Car and Surfboard T-Shirt

Birthday Candles T-Shirt (girls or boys)

Easter Egg T-Shirt

Boys Guitar T-Shirt

L-O-V-E Patriotic T-shirt

Blue Polka dot Stripe and Removable Patriotic Bow T-Shirt

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