Monday, January 24, 2011

All in a week

Well in the last week I have made some cute new stuff, mostly for some custom orders as well as had a sick puppy!

Cooper unfortunately had a 24hour visit to the vet. Warning: a few gross details, she started throwing up on Monday just once or twice that we noticed but by Wednesday night she threw up at least four time in an hour. We took her to the emergency vet and they did not see anything noticeable right then so we decided to take her home (wrong choice)! Thursday my mom came by to check on her and she had pooped blood and lots of it, so my mom took her to the vet close by and they gave her a blood test, some meds and said to keep a close eye on her. Well after just a few hours when I got home she had gotten worse, so I took her right away to the ER vet. She stayed for 24 hours and is now doing much better than the day she went in. She has since had a bath, much needed, and she is slowly eating yet,is still pretty tired. Poor thing! If you know Cooper you know she is a shy, timid dog and very weary of new people. Well on her cage at the vet they had to put a "caution" sign up cause she was clearly not sure if she could trust these people. I think it is hilarious!
(Please excuse my pictures, they are from my blackberry and not of any good quality)

Coopers little bandage covering the spot they had her IV in her arm

On another note, I crafted up some cute new stuff this week. A friend of my friend Julie asked me to make a Valentine's day shirt for her daughter for some pictures for Valentines day. I love when people just give me a general idea and let me work with it. She asked for a pink or red shirt and something with hearts and that was pretty much it. I love how it came out and the pictures look adorable (pictures by Cynthia Woodmansee)

After making the 1st Vday shirt I decided to make one for Lola, my niece as well. Of course if I make one for my niece, my nephew Ryan needs one too. Lola's is the same as the one above just on a white short sleeve and Ryan's is a Camo truck carrying a red heart! Again, please excuse my terrible picture!

Lastly, as far as pictures, I adorned my friend Candice's black sweat outfit with a cute leopard heart and floral print crown on the back of the sweatshirt and then sewed L-O-V-E down the side of the pant with the same fabric. I fell in love with the floral print fabric and had to pair it with the leopard. She loved it. She also ordered a birthday outfit (shirt and tutu) for her friend's daughter that I made this week too (the same outfit that got my shop started, thanks to Julie for that 1st tutu)!!! I am in the process of making two more birthday outfits that Candice has ordered for her other friends children along with a boys birthday shirt. The theme of their birthday party is going to be Scooby Doo, can't wait to share the finished product.


  1. So proud of all you do!!! Hope cooper feels better!

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  3. When we find out if my friend Rachel is having a boy or girl I want you to make her/him something really cute! Can you make a onesie (I hope thats how you spell it) that says "my auntie in England <3 me" or is that too many words on a newborns outfit? Then with something cute on it? She finds out in a week what she is having. Let me know thanks!


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