Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


-I have been moving furniture around in my house and rearranging things this week and I needed to take a couch from my living room upstairs. I did not have any assistance so this morning I decided to just do it myself. Yes, I wanted to take a couch upstairs on my own. So, I sure got it up the stairs... then it got stuck! So now its in the doorway to the upstairs hallway...I still got it up there on my own...I think that's pretty cool, yet kinda awkward cuz now I can't get in any room upstairs, guess I will need to enlist some help


-I have an ad on this blog, right sidebar
-Love with Katie is also hosting a giveaway for a St. Patrick's Day shirt from the Little Yellow Sew Shop, only a few days left to enter.
-Got my Nook updated, now I can read my new book
-I'm over 100 sales on etsy!!!

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