Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stamped Coaster Tutorial

Of course I don't post in over a month and then I do 3 in a row!

I have been wanting to make some new cork coasters for months now and finally did it this morning. Not sure if this is really worthy of a tutorial but, just thought I would share.

I love Fluer Di Lis and love incorporating it in my home decor, so I made these cute coasters!

Materials needed:
Cork Coasters (found some at the 99 cent store, of course after I spent like $4 on etsy)
Card stock
Toll Paint
Sponge or sponge brush

I didn't have, nor could I find an affordable fleur di lis stamp, so I had to make a stencil of my own. Of course if you have a stamp to use, pretty much just stop reading now, put some paint or ink on that stamp and stamp those cork coasters!
Or like me, make a stencil.
First, trace the round (or whatever shape coaster you have) on the card stock, then draw on the shape you want painted onto your set of coasters. I had a fleur di lis I use for sewing patterns already printed off the computer so I used that. Then cut out the circle and then the shape in the middle to make the stencil.

Then place your stencil on your cork coaster and using your sponge or sponge brush (sometimes less than 50 cents at the craft stores) sponge on some paint. I found that I had to hold parts of the stencil down that were the thinner parts so the paint did not go under it, which got a little messy, but the paint washes off easily.

Then carefully lift the stencil up and there you go.

After allowing the paint to dry I suggest using a varnish or clear coat protective paint over the coasters to protect from moisture. This was the kind I had on hand but I know they sell different kinds, spray form too, at crafts stores.

I also made some with a red paint and a different stamp. Didn't like how they came out as much but maybe I will try it later with the fleur di lis again in red this time!

Thoughts on my super fancy tutorial?

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