Thursday, August 11, 2011

1st attempt Tote

I follow several super creative bloggers and they are always posting DIY crafts and sewing projects that I love, but unfortunately don't ever really try. I saw a tutorial this morning for this tote bag by Make It and Love It and crazy enough, I tried it.

As much as I sew I don't normally do things like this. I have never used a sewing pattern before and although this didn't have a pattern it was the closest thing to a project along those lines.

DEFINITELY has its flaws but overall I am proud of myself! Might add a bow or flower to it later...

Instructions were to use a sturdy canvas-y material, but I just used materials that I had big enough pieces of and coordinated with each other.

Love: The fabric choice- matches well with each other, the square bottom, super easy and the size!

Needs improvement: a few puckers, the straps are far to close together and the whole "rounded opening" did not work out so well.

I am definitley going to try it again, practice make perfect!

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