Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Awkward and Awesome

Yeah, I know this one time I said "oh watch me, I am going to do an awkward and awesome post every Thursday" that didn't work out so well. So that is why I call this a "Random" Awkward and Awesome post.
-Lil' jolting earthquake today
-being nervous to be called on to give an answer in a room full of teachers, I know how those kiddos feel sometimes when they don't want to share their answer out loud
-getting replies to my wedding with no name on them, its a mystery
-accidentally writing "Brian Break" when I meant "Brain Break" when I was explaining the new afternoon schedule to my 6th graders, they correct me and we now have collectively decided to just call it a Brain Break! Oh Just one of my many spelling mistakes!
-Funny thing is as I am reading over this post before publishing it I still wrote "Brian" 3 times on the last comment! Oh my!
- New sheets that stay on the corners of the mattress
-Getting the box of Groomsmen gifts I ordered in the mail today, they are perfect and I am not telling what it is.... surprises!
- Getting wedding replies in the mail!
- My Matron of Honor and Flower Girl will be here in exactly one week
- Great Behavior Management training today by Rick Morris, teachers check him out
- 4 day weekend
- The Daybook's Awkward and Awesome, she is so funny, such a good writer and has a cute lil baby bump
-Not sure that I shared any of my engagement pictures that I got a bit ago, even if I did already they are so awesome they are worth sharing again

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