Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Valentines Decor

I am still trying to revamp my mantle and decorate it really cute but with the holidays and now Valentines day I have had some time to think about what I will use for my everyday decor. The "G" is my newest addition that will always stay up but in the meantime I have added a few Valentine decorations.

The print in the middle, I absolutely adore. Instead of my usual subway art I choose to print this one out instead from eighteen25 This one just may have to stay up all the time!

I made this super cute 3Dish picture frame that I found on Pintrest and I love how it came out. Click here to see my pin from pintrest.

Of course because I am slightly obsessed with burlap I had to make a banner. I was just going to buy one that I saw on VeryJane but then I decided they are easy enough to make.

Lastly, I made these cute fabric hearts that are held in a mason jar as seen on pintrest here
I am going to hide a little heart, 1 each day a few days before valentines day for my Hubby, as a little reminder how much I love him!

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