Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Yellow Sew Shop...Literally

I decided a good blog gets a little more personal with their posts. So I am going to start here with sharing the Little Yellow Sew Shop. I came up with that name because I literally have a Little Yellow Sew Shop. When Dan and I moved to DA Ranch (that is what we call our house) I wanted to paint one room yellow. Yellow being a pretty bold color for paint choice so the smallest room in the house was choosen, if you can even consider it a room. I always wanted a designated area to keep all of my crafting supplies and this was the best fit. Then when I decided to make an etsy shop the name was simply perfect.

I still want to add things to my shop like a wall to hold wrapping paper. Wrapping presents is another things I love to do...It's all in the presentation!

I also need to hang this cute "sewing room" sign I got and I would love some more storage!

Sorry for the picture quality, some of these pictures were taken on my blackberry!

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