Thursday, September 2, 2010

Calling all Jets Fans

A teacher friend of mine asked me to make her, her daughter and a friend of hers some shirts to wear to her little sons flag football games. I love custom orders, especially the kind like this one that allow me to be creative. She told me the team name was The Jets and to look up the NFL team for the team colors and that she wanted a her sons name on the back and some added bling! The rest was up to me. I modeled the letters on the front after the NFl team Jets logo along with the color. I choose to do the polka dot letters on the back to make it more girly and the star was a last minute addition cuz I felt it needed something under the name, since I didn't have a specific jersey number to add. I love the rhinestone laces of the football, and overall I am pleased. Hope my customer will be too. She asked me to give her lots of business cards and a flyer too in case other moms want to get a shirt too! Hope so!

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