Friday, February 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Its actually Friday morning...whoops
- I don't have much to post, how embarrassing, I just started this whole new posting idea and I don't even have anything to say! I feel like it is kind of ok though because the blog that I got this idea from originally didn't post an awkward and awesome Thursday either yesterday...
- Along with exclamation points, I also use to many dot dot dots....


- My valentines weekend surprise last weekend, Paso Robles, a Suite, Wine Tasting, great food, need I say more
- The pictures I got yesterday from my sister-in-law of my niece and nephew wearing their valentine shirts I made them. I literally laughed out loud as I looked at each one (posted above, Lucky You!)
-4 day weekend
-home improvements

Better luck next week with my awkward and awesome-ness

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