Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-one of my 1st graders walking into class saying "he totally just let the door slam in my face"
- cup of soup today costs $4.75 ! Wwwwhhhhhaaaatttttttt

-Got some new Scentsy stuff I ordered this week from Vanessa at Scentsy Smells soooo good
- Only 3 more weeks till St. Partys Day
-Went to the 99 cent store today, whom by the way are the 99.99 cent store now, and spent $20. Can't escape a place like that just "picking up a few things"
- Word is it should snow again this weekend, we got snow last weekend too!
-Booked a tupperware party with this awesome drag queen!
- The most awesome thing of today, this picture of my friends cousin, whom I made her 3rd birthday outfit. All the things I make should be worn with this much sass. I am in in love!

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